Where to eat ramen? – Amsterdam


Fou fow ramen
Fou fow ramen is one of our favourite hotspots for ramen noodles in Amsterdam. Especially the Tonkotsu ramen (noodles in a silky pork broth) are to die for. Order your bowl of noodles together with the funky ginger drink on their menu and your day is made.

Fou fou ramen has two locations in Amsterdam. The shop at the Elandsgracht is small but cosy and situated in the heart of Amsterdam. Their second store at the van Woustraat is more spacious and open. Both have their charm, so it is up to you.

Tonkotsu ramen @ Fou Fow Ramen Amsterdam

Sapporo ramen SORA
At Sapporo ramen SORA the noodles are directly imported from Nishiyama Seimen, a large ramen noodle manufacturer in Sapporo, Japan. At Sapporo ramen SORA the menu of ramen bowls is endless. Ramen is miso broth (fermented soy bean paste) is the traditional ramen bowl form the Sapporo area. We ordered the tonkotsu shoyu ramen and the teriyaki chicken shio ramen and both were really good. Sapporo ramen SORA does not take reservations so come early or don’t mind waiting in line 🙂


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