Where to eat? – New York

Deciding where to eat when visiting the big apple can be a challenge. New York City has thousands of restaurants and there is only so much time to spend. Therefore we created a list with eight of our latest favourite restaurants/hotspots to eat or snack in Manhattan. Enjoy!

Shake shack
The place to go when you arrive in the big city and you are in desperate need of a snack after a long flight. The shack burger with a single or double angus beef patty, cheese topped with lettuce, tomato and shacksauce is delicious. Take a portion of the crinkle-cut fries as well. You will love them. For exact locations click on the link above.

Great northern food hall
The great northern food hall is situated in the historic grand central station of New York. It is created by Claus Meyer, who is the initiator of the New Nordic cuisine movement and co-founder of Noma, the famous New Nordic restaurant in Copenhagen which unfortunately recently closed. At the food hall you can find artisanal loafs of bread, coffee buns, juices and much more.  Grab a coffee to go before you hop on a metro!

The Butcher’s Daughter 
The butcher’s daughter is a  very hip and trendy vegetarian restaurant in the Nolita. Don’t let the vegetarian part scare you though because the food is amazing. We decided to go for brunch and ordered a coconut-yoghurt parfait with fresh fruits and home-made granola and a full english breakfast. The English breakfast consists out of eggs, a veggie breakfast sausage (which was pretty good), beans, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and sourdough bread. If you want to enjoy good food in a beautifully decorated (small) restaurant in a great neighbourhood, The Butcher’s Daughter is your place to go.

Let’s keep it short. For Mexican food you go to Tacombi. Great food, great interior and very affordable. 

We have this thing with pork belly. And we believe that Asian style pork belly is the best. That’s why we were so excited to visit Momofuku’s noodle bar. We arrived early but the place was packed. We would wait, no matter how long it would take.  After only 15 minutes we got a table and ate a soft bun with the most tender pork belly combined with hoisin sauce, scallions and cucumber. If you go, order the bun. You will love it. After we had a bowl of Momofuku ramen with again, pork belly, pork shoulder and a creamy poached egg. The umami flavour of ramen with pork broth is the most comforting thing ever. Momofuku has several restaurants, specializing in several parts of Asian cuisine. Check out the website for more info.

Taiwan pork chop house
When in NYC a visit to China Town should be on your list of things to do. When it is time for lunch go to Taiwan pork chop house. It is hidden in a side street and the interior is very simple but don’t let it fool you. Order different small dishes from the big food poster on the wall (the lady who takes the order does not understand English) and wait for it to arrive. You will be amazed. The dumplings with minced pork, kimchi, duck, spring rolls, all was so satisfying. The final costs: 20 dollar. Only 20 dollars!

If you love food and you visited Italy recently you probably know Eataly. It is a supermarket with  high quality foods mostly sourced by local producers. Inside the supermarket there are several restaurants where you can eat fish, meat, pizza or pasta. At the rooftop you will find a birreria where you can have drinks, tasty artisanal Italian beers and great food.

Fette Sau
At Fette Sau you order meat by the pound at the bar. Spareribs, sausages, pulled pork, everything you which for and more. Choose some sides such as potato salad, bread or coleslaw. Combine with one of their great selection of beers, go back to your seat and enjoy.

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