The best websites for you – Amsterdam

One of the best parts of preparing a trip is the big search on the internet. Where do we eat, which shops are the best according to local vloggers and which highlights can we miss and which not? The lesser part of the search is the countless numbers of websites and the 100.000 suggestions you find. The opportunities of the internet are endless, but sometimes it turns into a messy jungle. Therefore we are going to help you and make lists with the most inspiring websites in preparation of your visit to a certain city our country. We start of with: Amsterdam

Number 1
At you will find an overview of the best restaurants, hotels and shops per area in Amsterdam. Blogger Anne de Buck started the website a couple of years ago and created one of the most visited websites to find inspiration on what to do in Amsterdam.  Information on where to stay and what to do in other cities and countries are shown as well. An extra plus is that the site comes in Dutch and English.

Number 2
A wonderful website with the latest tips and suggestions on where to eat. The website is in Dutch but if you click on hotspot and type Amsterdam in the search bar you get the list with the the tastiest, cutest most delicious restaurants in Amsterdam. And if you want to read their comments, google translate is your dearest friend 😉

Number 3
The municipality of Amsterdam has developed a website especially for tourists. Here you can find all useful information on public transport cards, parking rules and where to rent a bike. Definitely worth a visit.


The canals of Amsterdam


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