Coffee o’ clock

When you make a cup of coffee for yourself or your family here are some easy things you can do to upgrade your daily coffee moments 🙂

  1. Place some good quality sugar (I use moscobado sugar because of its soft caramel flavour) in a good looking bowl or cup. I like translucent bowls so you see what is in it.
  2. Choose coffee that tastes good. I am a fan of Nespresso cups which come in several flavours. My favourites are Ristretto and Kazaar, both are quit strong which I like.
  3. When you make a cappuccino, use shelf stable whole milk. This is the answer to get a thick and foamy milk and because it is whole milk it almost tastes like whipped cream. Delicious!
  4. Use different kind of coffee cups. Small ones for the espresso lovers, big ones for the cappuccino addicts. Look in your cupboard and you will be surprised how many options you will have.
  5. Chocolate! If you have some chocolate available, serve some pieces during your coffee party. I am a fan of Swiss Lindt chocolate, especially the really dark version (85%). Break it down and present some pieces on a silver (or silver looking) plate.
  6. A strong espresso comes with water. I like the look of the 1 litre glass acqua panna bottles, maybe because of my time spend in Italy. It is still water and perfect to drink after you finished an espresso.

I hope these ideas can be helpful to you. Happy Friday!

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