It is all in the details – two tricks when drinking wine

The most important thing I learned during an housekeeping internship at a five star hotel (a long long time ago) was; it is all in the details. If you want to satisfy a guest, especially at that level,  little things really can make the difference. A welcome back note when a guest visits the hotel for the second time or a delicious birthday cake when a guest celebrates his birthday during his or her stay. A few years later I realised this important lesson not only applied to the hotel industry but to everything you do in  life. If you stay focused, always try to deliver the highest standard possible and never forgot about the details people will notice and appreciate.

Ok, with that said, let’s start the fun! When you have friends or family over for drinks, you want to make sure you and them have the best night. Here are some tip and tricks:

Greasy wine glasses
When you use beautiful glassware the last thing you want is  greasy wine glasses. Unfortunately this happens quit often when you wash them in a dish washer. Therefore the best advice is to always wash them by hand. But sometimes we are lazy and do that anyway, myself included. So if you have any stripes or calcium on your wines glasses this is what you do: bring water to a boil. As soon as it boils take the pot from the fire. Hold your wine glasses (or any other type of glass) upside down above the pot so the steam can blow into your glass. After, you immediately dry and clean the glass with a fresh dish cloth. As you will see your wine glasses shine bright like a diamond 😉

Multifunctional wine bottles
If you want to be original and re-use some of the wine bottles you finished last nights this is the thing to do: buy a bunch of taper candles in any colour you like. Cut the end of the candles and shape them into a smaller size so it will fit in the wine bottle. Et voilà, your new candle holders are  ready to take the stage.

it is all in the details

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